Guitar Tuition Course Part 1

Sequence Using Open string E chords,

 ‘E’ Chord Sequence

The following sequence is useful for learning where the ‘pure’ chords of E through D are on the fretboard.


E (major) F (major7b5)   G (major6) A (major9)


Fret number   2    3   5       7

B (major sus4) C (major7)   D (major6/9) E (major)


Sequence Using Open string E chords,
Sequence Using Open string E chords,


Fret number   9       10   12       14

Arpeggios Guitar Tuition Course

Part 1 

First Arpeggio


An ARPEGGIO is playing a series of notes in order.

This file gives an introduction to arpeggios and is a simple exercise for both hands.

The following diagrams illustrate arpeggios in the key of G using the top three strings. 

Once you have mastered this exercise you can use the same technique to play arpeggios over any chord sequence.

These are exercises NOT proper arpeggios. 

A real arpeggio is playing the notes of the triad of chord in order.  

Arpeggios in G

Play down strokes from the G string then the B string then the E string then the B string again for each chord in order.


Fret Numbers     3                                   1                                        1                                          2

Guitar Essentials 1.1
Guitar Essentials 1.1

                             G                                        G7                                             C                                          D7

These are all open string chords

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