Guitar Tuition Course


Sections of things to learn 


First lot of ‘Stuff’ to Learn


Notes on the Bass string and the D string

14 Open String Chords

The basic 12 bar blues

The E shape pattern

2nd position Pentatonic scale

Create two 8 bar chord sequences

The Bar chord

Guitar Essentials 1
Guitar Essentials 1



Second lot of ‘Stuff’ to Learn


Notes on the A string

New bar chords (illustrated in GNP40TheBasicBlues2.doc)
The other 4 patterns (D shape, C shape, A shape and G shape)

The other 4 Pentatonic scale positions

Able to describe what is the CAGED system and understand it.

Able understand the basic principles of improvisation and how songs work

Play two 8 bar chord sequences then play them again but alter the chords.


Guitar Tuition Course
Guitar Tuition Course


Third lot of ‘Stuff’ to Learn



Notes on the B string

New bar chords
Switching from one pattern to another

Switching between Pentatonic scale positions

Understanding the relative minor

Understanding the Circle of 5ths

Learning new scales

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