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The band loved by so many

Tame Impala Elephant
Tame Impala - Elephant

One of the most interesting, popular and widely-loved guitar bands currently around is undoubtedly Tame Impala, the brainchild of Australian Kevin Parker. The group, which began in 2007, has been reaching newer heights every year over the past decade, achieving universal acclaim for its albums Innerspeaker, Lonerism and most recently Currents, released in 2015.

Tame Impala's music can most easily be described as psychedelic rock, a swirling blend of reverb, phaser and fuzz crafted into astonishing pop songs. The band's roots are deeply inspired by blues and 1960s and 70s psychedelic rock; distorted guitars are complimented by the occasional piano or synth line and Kevin Parker's ethereal voice, occasionally in the vein of Radiohead's Thom Yorke.



Tame Impala Currents
Tame Impala - Currents

Acclaimed albums & inevitable success

The result is Innerspeaker, an album of psychedelia, which continues on to their sophomore Lonerism. It was with this release that the band found widespread commercial success and fame, with their catchy, sprawling guitar lines and rhythms appealing to rock heads and pop heads alike. Check out the psychedelic trip of Apocalypse Dreams, the pop gem Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, or the blues rocker Elephant. Parker's captivating, catchy and unthreatening vocals brighten every tune, and the addition of more synths signalled Tame Impala's move towards more pop and electronic sounds with their most recent album, Currents.

Kevin Parker wrote and recorded all the instruments himself on this album, creating a near perfectly produced psychedelic pop album of music that appeals to everyone. The fuzzy guitars and jerky rhythms are still there, but are joined by loops, more synths and even a few slow jams. Yet it works perfectly for Tame Impala, as a result of which the band has gone from strength to strength, with successes including playing before Adele at Glastonbury 2016. The band is a testament to anyone who wants to realise their vision!



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