What better gift is there than the gift of music? Gift certificates are the perfect present for anyone interested in learning a new skill or hobby, or for a friend, family member or loved one to take their guitar playing to the next level! We offer a wide range of gift certificates at Guitar Lessons London, for all ages, styles & abilities, which can be purchased at our store. Lessons come in 30min, 45min and 60min sessions, with prices ranging from £27.00/half hour to £50.00/hour (and a special half hour £20 lesson for first timers!). Check out the types of lessons we offer here

We allow you the flexibility to buy as many or little lessons as you want! Fancy a 10-week guitar course to help you master the basics? Or only want a few lessons to fit in with your busy schedule? The choice is yours. Got a friend’s birthday coming up? Need an emergency Christmas or Anniversary present? Has a family member always wanted to learn the guitar? Buy them a Guitar Lessons London gift certificate and give them the gift of music!

The best part is that our gift certificates never expire! The owner is free to email us or call up at any point to arrange the lessons at a time and date that suits him/her. Easy as pie!

Duration of Guitar Lesson Price
60 mins £50.00
45 mins £40.00
30 mins £27.00
First lesson (trial) £20.00

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