All of our lessons are shaped by you!


We want all of our advanced level students to really get the best out of their abilities – there is no end to learning the guitar and there is always room for improvement! These classes introduce advanced concepts to electrify your guitar playing and take it to the next level, including multi-finger tapping, alternate picking and sweep picking, harmonics, pedals, effects and whammy bar use, speed picking, arpeggio tricks, advanced tapping and advanced music theory, as well as much more! You can specialise in a certain type of guitar playing, diversify into other genres, record your own songs and continue to improve your technical ability. The sky really is the limit!

Our experienced tutors love to create advanced level guitarists out of our students! Our state-of-the-art music studio is the perfect place to create and record your own tunes. Or if you fancy performing to a crowd and showing off your new found guitar skills, Guitar Lessons London puts on monthly live events for our students to showcase your talent to our friendly GLL family of students! 



Whether you want a half hour lesson every few weeks or two hour sessions every day, we can accommodate you.


In the comfort of your own home or at our professional music studio based in central London, at a time that suits you. If you have lessons at our studio, we can provide you with all types of guitars, recording equipment, and even a cup of tea!


All guitar lessons start from £27/half hr with a money-back guarantee. First-time students are offered an introductory half hour lesson for only £20 with a money back guarantee.

Duration of Guitar Lesson Price
60 mins £50.00
45 mins £40.00
30 mins £27.00
First lesson (trial) £20.00

“I used to be one of those people who thought they’d never be musical and wouldn’t be able to learn an instrument, even with teaching. But my tutor at GLL has been fantastic. I didn’t know how to hold my guitar in my first lesson, and now I’ve just played my first gig, I’m still…

“Guitar Lessons London has been so helpful in finding my eight-year-old son a dream tutor. He’d never played the guitar before and his tutor, Sean, has boosted his confidence no end! In just a few months he’s gone from disinterested to incredibly enthusiastic and keeps talking about his next lesson. Unfortunately this has involved countless…

“James’ songwriting expertise and abilities as a producer creates a really unique guitar lesson, he makes it seem like anything is possible – which it is! I’ve found myself progressing way faster than I had expected, which is amazing, so thank you James at GLL!”

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