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Guitar lessons Kensington London | Kensington Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons in Kensington, London | Guitar Lessons & Classes Guitar Lessons Kensington offer guitar lessons for all skill levels, ages 5 and up. We teach loads of different musical styles including pop, rock, blues,classical, jazz, country, bluegrass, folk, open tunings, and slide. Our positive, nurturing attitude, will motivate and inspire students to reach their goals. Our guitar teachers who…

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London Guitar Instructor

Guitar Instructor London how to learn guitar Guitar  Lessons London the specialists in Guitar Education!  We offer offers music lessons in acoustic and electric guitar, teaching different genres and styles, and uses our high quality music resources to harness individual styles. Pro private instruction by our superb staff of professional musicians and educators we teach all ages, abilities…

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Great Songs & Huge Riffs

Write Great Songs Here Guitar Lessons London we love writing songs and huge gigantic guitar riffs! It’s always worthwhile remembering the reason why we love the guitar so much is because it was incorporated into so many brilliant songs. Songs with huge hooks that stick in your mind and you can’t get rid of (not that you…

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