Notes on the Bass Bottom or 6th string

The Notes on the Bass E string Guitar Tuition Course Part 60 The following are the 12 notes on the Bass string (& on the top string) E to E i.e an OCTAVE   E        F         F#            G          G#    …

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How to practice

How to practice Guitar  How to practice your guitar To learn to play guitar takes a lot of effort both physical and mental. Like most things in life that are worth doing it takes dedication and determination. However the rewards in the case of playing guitar will last a lifetime, will give endless pleasure, receive…

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Guitar Lessons In East London

Guitar Instructor London Guitar Classes London

Guitar Instructor – Ready to ROCK? Guitar Lessons in London with professional guitar teacher Gero Schipman! If you are interested in learning electric or acoustic guitar you are in the right place! Guitar Lessons London is London’s premier leading guitar school, offering guitar lessons in London from age 5 years up! We believe that the best way to learn music is with one-on-one,…

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